Kinzo Garden Electric Hedge Trimmer

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Kinzo ED-16731: Garden Electric Hedge Trimmer
Hedge trimming is now a piece of cake. The Kinzo Garden Electric Hedge Trimmer or Hedge Trimmer is also a pleasure to hedge or shrubs at work. The power plant has an output of 500 W and run 1500 RPM. The handle is fine, takes in hand and the blade length of 410mm you have a large area together in one movement.
Note: Always wear ear and eye protection when going to work with this equipment.
  • Powerful Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • Hedge pruning is now child's play.
  • With the Kinzo Garden electric hedge trimmer it is also a pleasure to prune hedges or shrubs.
  • This hedge trimmer has a power of 500 W and runs at 1500 rpm.
  • The handle fits comfortably in the hand
  • Blade length of 410 mm you can prune a large area in 1 movement.
  • Power: 500W 1500RPM
  • Blade Length: 410mm
  • Noise Rating: 105dB
  • Dimensions 179 x 150 x 800 mm
  • Weight about 3.115 KG

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Inventaris laatst geüpdatet: Jan 31, 2023

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