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  • The ideal reading aid for on the go, designed to fit easily into a handbag, backpack, etc
  • Stylish, trendy plastic model for women and men
  • Modern nerd look with Twinflex temples (spring hinge) for an optimal fit
  • Light plastic lenses make the glasses comfortable to wear
  • Ideal as replacement or spare reading glasses

    Note for Consumers:
    For near vision and reading use only
    Only regular professional eye tests can determine your visual needs and eye health.
    Unsuitable for continuous use.
    Do not use for driving.
    Not suitable for long distance use.
    Not for use as eye protection.

    Instructions for use Please store in case and do not expose to extreme heat without protection.
    To clean: use mild soapy water.
    Dry: with a soft, lint-free cloth.

  • Materiaal Lijst: Kunststof
  • Materiaal frame: Kunststof
  • Materiaal van schijven: Kunststof
  • Gewijzigd met: 14 cm
  • Kleur van het montuur: Turquoise/Zwart





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€ 7,95
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Aantal: Bestellen

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